Thursday, 26 March 2015

Evaluation Part 8 - What Do You Feel You Have Learnt In The Progression From It To Your Full Product?

Overall, looking back on my preliminary task I feel the most successful thing was filming our production. This is because it only took us 4 times to shoot and in this we shot everything we used. Jade thought of some really good camera shots such as the Go Pro shot with the kidnapping and the bat dragging shot. This really gave us something different to offer to the audience in terms of cinematography. In addition to this the effects used in my editing really aided us in giving us an eerie, distorted feel to our title sequence. By using 'Bad TV' it really explained to the audience that the anarchists were interfering with the news broadcasts and taking over.

 However, the most least successful thing was the lack of footage we actually had compared to other people in our class as our title sequence was only 1:30, as this was the first time me and jade had ever filmed for something like this for we believe it was just a miss judgement of timing of our storyboards and when we found out it was too late to bring in anymore shots. If our planning and research into title sequence making would have been more thought through perhaps we would have known sooner that we was a few shoots short in terms of making up the time.

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