Monday, 23 March 2015

Evaluation Part 4 - In What Ways Does Your Media Product Use, Develop Or Challenge Forms And Conventions Of Real Media Products?

Our media product has developed the codes and conventions of the genre Action Thriller we decided to base our film around. The typography, soundtrack, costumes and effects we used creates an eery horror type theme so the audience can feee excited as well as scared. Our title sequence creates these emotions the way other suspense thrillers would do and have done. Our case studies such as Dawn of the Dead and Purge also did the same thing to engage their audience.

The jump cuts with the TV static sound we used in and out of the news broadcast shots creates a distorted in and our quick shots which will make the audience jump. This technique is one of the key conventions of Action Thrillers especially in the title sequence 'Dawn of The Dead'. In this title sequence they use the typography and the sound of the blood moving followed by a zombie screech  create this quick jumpy cut effect. Similar to ours it draws the audience and builds up excitement which is the main aim of a title sequence in this genre. The constant use of this through out the title sequence emphasises the conventions of this particular genre.


The sound track we used however is very different to other action thrillers title sequences. Dawn of the dead takes on an american country song which defeats the conventions of an Action Thiller completely. Our music however, is an high tempo electric track which helps us establish excitement and tension just like we did with the jump cuts. By doing this it also helped develop our narrative as the fluctuating melodies fit our different shot types perfectly. For instance at the beginning its loud and strong guitar riffs link in with the build up as present the setting of London. Then towards the end  the tune goes distorted and low just as the hostage scenes come in with the 'Bad TV' glitches which aids in our theme of distortion as well as establishing the narrative to the audience. The reoccurring a catchy theme tunes in action thrillers shows their importance of aiding the sequence to introduce the narrative and theme. 

Furthermore we learnt that both case studies 'Purge: Anarhcy' and 'Dawn of the Dead' added in live footage of violent conduct and public violence. When analysing both title seuqnces I found that by doing this it allowed the audience to understand the full scale of the problem. As this was the case I thought that i would need to follow suit in order to distinguish my narrative and the scale of the riots. I took two clips from a BBC news report back in 2010 when the London Riots occurred. However, i noticed that in 'Dawn of the Dead' they added a effect with scale lines and distortion to lower the quality. I added 'Bad TV' In both clips i used to help establish that it was filmed via CCTV or a mobile phone, which would have a more effect on the audience instead of a tripod based digital camera.

Dawn of the Dead:

My Title Sequence (Anarchy):

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