Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Evaluation Part 1 - Brief

The brief I was working towards was to create a title sequence for a film of our own creation. Me and Jade, my partner, discussed and planned different genres we could potentially go into. After we come up with a exciting and experimental idea of an Action Thriller which holds a violent political protest. As a pair we researched into many title sequence designers within different genres and explore the techniques they used to pin point their particular genre, weather that be horror, thriller or action. I proposed the idea of having a social revolution against parliament in London and creating our protagonist as the leader of the violent group which we could form our narrative around to Jade and she agreed with me that it was a good idea. As our sub-genres branch into Horror and Action we decided to keep it short winded by calling it 'Anarchy' which is self explanatory. The title sequence introduces the violence and reasons behind the revolution creating the narrative of the film using the title sequence.  Violent action films are the most popular genre in the UK so by creating a title sequence based on that we are providing the audience with what they want but with more of a political message, something which i think could help attract a different kind of audiences who are involved in the world of politics. Within some of the images and shots there are connotations of violent rebellion, we have done this by costumes, props and setting. We aimed at trying to create a revolution against parliament in todays modern democracy like in films such as V For Vendetta and Les Miserables.

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