Thursday, 26 March 2015

Evalaution Part 7 - What Have You Learnt About Technologies From The Process

Editing with Final Cut Pro was the biggest new technology I learnt while producing my media product because prior to this i has no previsous experiance of using Final Cut Pro. I learnt how to add effects such as 'Bad TV' to all our clips by pasting filter therefore all shots had the exact same filter added to it. This was a really good easy skill I learnt as it meant that I could apply the filter to fit all shots that I wanted to meaning that my sequence would look professional.

In addition to this although Jade did the majority of the cinematography, I learnt how to use a DSL camera properly with a tripod and how to get different camera angles from it. This was important as it meant that our title sequence would have a a variety of different camera angles. For example for the CCTV office shot we put the tripod to the full extension and placed it on top of table. By doing this it allowed us to get a CCTV corner camera shot.

Also in production we decided to use a GoPro for the kidnapping shot. This was key as it allowed us to try out a new technologies as it was my first experience with a GoPro camrea. We decided to use this as it puts the audience in the perspective of the politician who gets kidnapped. This gave the effect of a real abduction as the pillow case covers up the camera in a quick succession which aligned with our soundtrack and speed of editing.

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