Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Editing 2

After the feedback from our class on our rough cut I have made some changes to our title sequence
1. Green Screen Background to BBC backdrop 
We feel by doing this it introduced the British setting more as the BBC backdrop is probably the most prominent  news Backdrop in Britain

2. BBC News beat added in at the begginning 

We added this in because it gives it again a more British theme.

3. Added in of unplanned Helicopter clip we filmed
Me and Jade randomly filmed this when out because it was interesting. We added it in because it emphasises theviolence on a larger scale.

4.Cuts in and out of news speeches 

This effect allows the audience to know that the revolutionaries are tampering with television and the final news broadcast involves them running in on the news reporter.

3. Less Effects on Hostage shots to make it more clearer 

We seeing it in the board in class instead of a Mac screen it makes it hard to really see what was happening in a few of the hostage shots. By giving it less effects on BadTv it makes it more clearer so that the audience can actually see what's happening.

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