Friday, 6 February 2015

Shots and Location Collage

Here is a collage I made on photoshop of the similar shots and locations we are aiming for through out our title sequence.

Shot 1. (top left)

This is a picture taken from Leak Tunnel at near Waterloo Station. This setting fits perfectly with the scene and atmosphere we want to create. It always has this under ground feel and looks damp and abandoned. In addition to this as it is legal to graffiti down there is a lot of art surrounding the shots alludes to it being the working class who are involved in this rebellion.

Shot 2 ( Top Right)

This setting of the houses of parliament is really something we wanted to bring into the title sequence. This is because it will introduce the theme of London as well as showing who the rebellion is aimed at.

Shot 3 (Middle Left)

This shot explains the CCTV effect Jade and myself want to add in. It is really bad quality which is the reality of a CCTV camera with the dates and time in the right hand corner.

Shot 4 (Middle Right)

Although this shot doesn't really explain what we exactly want to do it shows a room of an office. We want to add a clip of a trashed office with perhaps a handheld camera as it could show that the revolutionaries are filming it themselves.

Shot 5 (Bottom Left)

This low shot of people walking will emphasises a busy street. Also in the exact shot me and jade are going to try and get is with the houses of Parliament and Big Ben in the background. This will show London being busy and help build anticipation.

Shot 6 (Bottom Top Right)

This shot of the bus passing the Houses of Parliament will also do the same thing as the other shots. It will highlight London as well as helping to build tension and anticipation.

Shot 7 (Bottom Right)

This shot will be the final cut of our title sequence. The bat hitting the class will be emphasised by the use of Foley sound. I thought it would be a good way to end as it will catch the audience's attention just before the film is about to start.

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