Friday, 23 January 2015


During this term I am studying title sequences and what effect they have on the audience. By the end of term I would have created my own title sequence based on STINCS:

Setting - Where and when the sequence is set which tells you the era and social views that are present. 

Themes - The symbolism shown throughout which usually sets an atmosphere/mood of ; Love,Betryal,Jealousy and Hate.

Iconography - Costumes,make-up and props which are relevant to the genre of the title sequence 

Narative - A general overview of the story of the film 

Characters - People who are involved in the plot, usually in a plot the main characters a Protagonist (Heroes) and Antagonist (Villian) 

Style - The way which cinematography, mise-en scene, sound and editing are used to created the atmosphere needed for the genre of the film or title sequence 

By using this technique I am going to establish my genre of a political crime thriller. The STINCS of my title sequence is:

Setting: Modern London
Themes: Betrayal and Democracy is a reoccurring theme. 
Iconography: Masks (Gas Masks, Balaclarvas) and Hoodies 
Narrative - Social Unrest in England which results in a Revolution (Todorov's Theory non next post) 
Characters - Protagonist is played by Max Irons and Antagonist is portrayed by Idris Elba 
Style - Quick cuts, eerie music, Close ups of props.

Title Sequences 
A title sequence is a method used by film or television producers to present their title,cast and key production. They do this by giving brief hints of what the film is going to be about by presenting the style of the movie. By doing this it gets the audience in the right mindset to watch the film hopefully making them excited to watch the film. 

Usually a good title sequence will contain;
  • Credits
  • The films title (typogrpahy) 
  • Cast
  • Introduction to characters 
  • Indication to setting 
  • A good soundtrack 
  • Enigma 
  • Information that sets a mood/atmosphere 
  • Cinematography 

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  1. Explain how you are using STINCS to convey the crime genre