Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Dawn Of The Dead -Case Study

The title sequence of the 'Dawn of the Dead' remake follows many of the post-apocalyptic genre's conventions. It is the remake of a classic zombie apocalypse film, arguably one of the biggest and what started the modern perception of a zombie apocalypse film. It uses many conventions to the genre and set by the original. This title sequence has lots of blood and gore, which is one convention of the genre and adds the horror element to the film.Another convention is the news reporters speaking over the top of the sequence and footage of chaos. It fits well with the music and the scene, telling us the story of the apocalypse through different reports, as other films in this genre do, but unlike the original. The reports have screaming and the sound of zombies in the background to add suspense and action. The titles are in red and accompanied by a splash of blood to emphasise on the violence used throughout the film, another popular convention of the genre.

 The titles are in red and melt away as if they are made of blood, to again emphasise on the violence used within the film. Distribution and production companies appear first with the sound of zombies and screams behind them, before the title slams on the screen's centre in capital letters to emphasise on the fact that it's the films title, before moving onto cast and crew's names accompanied by the non-diegetic sound. The titles fit with the non-diegetic sound, diegetic sound and footage through editing.

 Many shots are used throughout this opening in quick succession, fitting with the non-diegetic and diegetic sound. The quick succession of violent shots show the action and horror, to imply what genres the film fits into. We also get shots of news reporters and TV broadcasts to accompany the diegetic news. It is all shot as if from POVs of different people, presumably cameramen within the film itself. We get shots of objects and other things within the scene in chaos and destruction following the music. Editing is very well done in this sequence. The calm music fits well with the violence surrounding it through editing. All shots used are very short and placed together in quick succession to show us clips of the apocalypse with news broadcasts over them. Many techniques are used within the sequence to add effect, such as a lot of it being filmed as if from an old or broken camera or the sound of multiple photos being taken at times. All of the shots and the sound fits together incredibly well, even though it is very fast paced.

 Non-diegetic and diegetic sounds are used in this sequence and it all fits together incredibly well. The non-diegetic music of 'The Man Comes Around' by Johnny Cash accompanying the diegetic sounds of chaos and news reports make for a brilliant conventional post-apocalyptic sequence. The calm music fits with the growing chaos and the titles. Every time a title appears, the diegetic sound stops and only the non-diegetic sound accompanies it.

To Conclude Jade and myself would like to carry the shots and editing techniques taken into our own title sequence. We believe it will help introduce our genre and emphasise our narrative of a social disruption to the audience.

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